Nintendo Switch, the console to kill all consoles

It is my pleasure with the first Bull Market Letter to tell you about one of my favourite companies of all time.

US – Q:NTDOY – NINTENDO CO LTD ADR will be releasing on March 3rd 2017 its latest and greatest console in its history. It will also be releasing its Franchise game Zelda, Breathe of the Wild. Nintendo switch is designed as home console that can transform into also a handle held console you can take on the go.

Nintendo will be releases many new gaming titles as well as remaking all the classics.

While PS4 and Xbox have done very well in the market place they are very similar in terms of the kind of games they release apart from some exclusive games to each system. Nintendo Switch provides a entire different realm of games and content.\

Nintendo Switch is more user friendly to children and appeals to all the adults who grew up playing the original NES and SNES.

Now as a nerd and gamer myself I can tell you I went into Best Buy the other day to reserve a Nintendo Switch and the game Zelda to find out all pre-orders were already taken and I couldn’t even get on a pre-order list. I went to many other stores to find out the same thing, Now the little kid in me is throwing a tantrum and clearly upset. The adult and investor in me is thinking about this great investment opportunity.

Now if we look at what Q:NTDOY did when they unleashed Pokémon go to the smart phone users of the world the stock nearly doubled its share price in a couple weeks going from under $ 18 per share to $37.33.

Nintendo recently updated Pokémon go allowing for 80 new Pokémon to be captured. We can assume more updates will follow that might make that game even more addictive then it already is for its users. We saw hundreds of kids, teens, adults and old folks standing around random locations all swiping with there phone at invisible virtual Pokémon. I think it is safe to say Pokémon go and its future versions are here to stay.

Now with the arrival of the biggest release in Nintendo history the Nintendo Switch upon us and Nintendo having the attention of the capital markets showing how well its share price can appreciate on big releases what do you think should happen to share holders value?


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